Colours in Pony Books:

BALLERINA (Ruby Ferguson - A Stable for Jill)
BEN (Primrose Cumming - Ben the Story of a Carthorse)
BENEDICTINE (C Pullein-Thompson - The Impossible Horse)
BOBS (Mary Grant Bruce - Billabong series)
BOWIE (J Pullein-Thompson - Pony Club Challenge, pony Club Trek)
CANDY (Beryl Bye - Nobody's Pony, Pony For Sale)
CAVALIER (Judith Berrisford - Nobody's Pony)
CAVALIER (Joanna Cannan - Jean series)
CHERRY (K M Peyton - Flambards)
CHRISTMAS (J Pullein-Thompson - Prince Among Ponies)
COCK ROBIN (Primrose Cumming - Silver Snaffles)
COPPER KNIGHT (C H Dent - The Copper Horse)
CORKER (Monica Edwards - No Mistaking Corker)
CRUSOE (J Pullein-Thompson - One Day Event, Pony Club Camp)
DELIGHT (J Pullein-Thompson - Plenty of Ponies)
DOGWOOD (K M Peyton - Free Rein/Last Ditch)
FIREFLY (Peter Grey - Kit Hunter The Wild One)
FIXIT (J Pullein-Thompson - A Job With Horses)
FROG (Col S P Meek - Frog)
JETSAM (C Pullein-Thompson - Riders on the March)
KELPIE (Beryl Bye - Nobody's Pony, Pony For Sale)
MERIDIAN (Patricia Leitch - A Horse for the Holidays)
PEDRO (Ruby Ferguson - A Stable for Jill)
PEPPER (K M Peyton - Flambards IN Summer, Flambards Divided)
RAPIDE (Ruby Ferguson - Jill series)
ROSE OF ERIN (Patience McElwee - Dark Horse)
ROSIE ((J Pullein-Thompson - Woodbury Pony Club series)
SNIPE (Primrose Cumming - No Place for Ponies)
RED RUFUS (J Pullein-Thompson - Six Ponies)
SEA KING ((J Pullein-Thompson - Pony Club Cup)
SERENADE (D Pullein-Thompson - Three Ponies and Shannan)
SHAM (Marguerite Henry - King of the Wind)
SKY ROCKET (Margaret Cabell Self - Sky Rocket)
SUNSET (J Pullein-Thompson - Six Ponies)
SWALLOW (K M Peyton - The High Horse trilogy)
THE MANDRAKE (Kathleen Herald/K M Peyton - The Mandrake)
TORNADO (C Pullein-Thompson - David and Pat series)
TREASURE (K M Peyton - Flambards)
WARRIOR (E H Parsons - Family in the Saddle)

ANGUS aka PIRATE (C Pullein-Thompson - Little Black Pony)
BANJO (J Pullein-Thompson - Woodbury Pony Club series)
BLACKBOY (Ruby Ferguson - Jill series)
THE BLACK, BLACK MINX, SATAN  (Walter Farley - The Black Stallion series)
BLACK BEAUTY (Anna Sewell - Black Beauty)
BLACK SWIFT  (J Pullein-Thompson - Black Swift)
BLACK TIGER (Thomas C. Hinkle - Black Tiger)
BLACK VIXEN (Gillian Baxter - Ribbons and Rings)
BLACKBIRD (Joanna Cannan - Jean series)
BRAMBLE (Patricia Leitch - Jinny series)
BRAMBLE (C Pullein-Thompson - Ponies in the Park series)
CANDY (Wendy Douthwaite - A Very Special Pony)
CHARCOAL (Eleanor Brown - The Colt From Horse Heaven Hills)
COBOLT (Bonnie Bryant - Saddle Club series)
CONNEMARA JIM (Arthur Waterhouse - Dark Champion)
DRAGON (Catherine Harris - Cuckoo Mill series)
DRAGON (Primrose Cumming - Silver Snaffles)
DRAGONFLY (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - Radney Riding Club)
FLICKA (Patricia Leitch - Jump to the Top/Jacky Jumps to the Top)
FOLLY (Monica Dickens - Follyfoot)
FURY (H M Peel - Fury)
HEATHER (May Wynne - Heather)
HIPPO (Cecilia Knowles - Hippo, a Welsh Cob)
JET (J Pullein-Thompson - Six Ponies)
JET (Joyce Stranger - Breed of Giants)
JINGO (Primrose Cumming - The Wednesday Pony)
JUMPER (Nicholas Kalashnikoff - Jumper)
KIRSTY (Patricia Leitch - A Pony of Our Own)
LEARY (D Pullein-Thompson - Riding with the Lyntons)
LIMPIT (C Pullein-Thompson - Black Pony Inn seies)
LITTLE BLACK (Walter Farley - Little Black series)
MARMADUKE (J Pullein-Thompson - A Job With Horses)
MERLIN (Joan Houston - Jump-Shy)
MIDNGHT (C Pullein-Thompson - Sundance Saves the Day)
MIDNIGHT (Jane and Paul Annixter - The Phantom Stallion)
MIDNIGHT DANCER (Elizabeth Lindsay - Midnight Dancer series)
MIDNIGHT MAGIC (Joyce Stranger - Midnight Magic)
MOLLIE (Helen Kay - A Pony for the Winter)
NIGHT STORM (H M Peel - Night Storm the Flat Racer)
PABLO (D Pullein-Thompson - A Pony for Sale)
PENNY (Phoebe Erickson - Black Penny)
REKA - (Heather - Riding with Reka)
ROCKET (Mary O'Hara - My Friend Flicka)
SAMSON Bonnie Bryant - Saddle Club series)
SHILLAGH (Peggie Cannam - Black Fury)
STARDUST (Phyllis Briggs - Son of Black Beauty)
SWEEP (D Pullein-Thompson - I Wanted a Pony)
TOP HAT (D Pullein-Thompson - A Pony for Sale)
TAMBO (Elyne Mitchell - Silver Brumby series)
TAFFY (J Pullein-Thompson - Patrick's Pony)
TREACLE (J Pullein-Thompson - The No Good Pony)
THE WILD ONE (Peter Grey - Kit Hunter series)
VELVETEEN (C Pullein-Thompson - The Impossible Horse)
WILLIAM (Jane Gardam - Bridget and William)

BARNABY (Marjorie Reynolds - Dark Horse Barnaby)
BLUE DOMINION (Myrtle Ellen Green - A Pony Doctor's Orders)
BEAUTY (J Pullein-Thompson - Six Ponies)
BIDDY (C Pullein-Thompson - Stolen Ponies)
BROWNIE (Pamela Rogers - The Rag and Bone Pony)
FERDINAND (C Pullein-Thompson - Woodbury series)
FLASH (C Pullein-Thompson - I Want That Pony)
FOLLY (C Pullein-Thompson - David and Pat series)
HAMISH (Joanna Cannan - Hamish)
HIGHBOY (Marion Holland - The Secret Horse)
HOBBIT (C Pullein-Thompson - Woodbury series)
ILINGA (Elyne Mitchell - Moon Filly)
JERRY (Eleanor Helme - Jerry the Story of an Exmoor)
LANDSLIDE (C Pullein-Thompson - We Rode to the Sea)
MARTINI (D Pullein-Thompson - A Pony For Sale)
MERLIN (Veronica Westlake - The Ten Pound Pony)
OVERTURE (C Pullein-Thompson - Hunt series)
ROCKET (J Pullein-Thompson - The No Good Pony)
SKYLARK (Sam Savitt - Vicki and the Brown Mare)
SILVER BLAZE (Lilias Edwards - Silver Blaze)
SOLO (D Pullein-Thompson - Three Ponies and Shannan)
TANGO (Pullein-Thompsons - It Began with Picotee)
THE WITCH (C Pullein-Thompson - Riders on the March, They Rode to Victory)

AMBER (J Pullein-Thompson - I Had Two Ponies)
APOLLO (C Pullein-Thompson - Strange Riders Black Pony Inn)
BLAZE (C W Anderson - Billy and Blaze series)
BOBCAT (C W Anderson - Bobcat)
BRANDYSNAP (D Pullein-Thompson - Horses at Home)
COBBY (Monica Dickens - Cobbler's Dream)
FAIREST (Avrill Knott - Pony of Gold)
FALCON (Patricia Leitch - Rebel Pony)
FLAME (Walter Farley - The Island Stallion series)
FLAME (Daphne Winstone - Flame)
GALAHAD (Virginia Vail - If Wishes Were Horses)
GINGER (Maureen Daly - The Ginger Horse)
GINGERSNAP (D Pullein-Thompson - Horses at Home)
GOLDFINDER (J Pullein-Thompson - The No Good Pony)
HARVESTER (D Pullein-Thompson - Horses at Home)
HOLIDAY (Frances Wilbur - A Horse Called Holiday)
JUBILEE (Joan Houston - Crofton Meadows)
KNOCKER (Joanne Webster - Nobody's Horse, Horse on a Hilltop, Horses is Like People)
QUEST (Elizabeth Wynne - Heronsway series)
RED TOP (Anna Sellberg - The Golden Chestnut)
ROSINA COPPER (Kitty Barne - Rosina Copper, Rosina and Son)
ROCKET (J Pullein-Thompson - Six Ponies)
SCARLET ROYAL (Anne Emery - Scarlet Royal)
SHELTA (Gillian Baxter - Bobby and Shelta series)
SHERRY (Delphine Ratcliff - The Golden Pony)
SYMPHONY (D Pullein-Thompson - Three Ponies and Shannan)
SUNFLOWER (Mavis Thorpe Clarke - Pony From Tarella)
SHANTIH (Patricia Leitch - Jinny series)
TOAD (K M Peyton - Fly-by-night, The Team)

AMIGO (Monica Dickens - Dora at Follyfoot)
BALLITA (Judith Berrisford - Sue series)
CALIFORNIA (Gillian Baxter - Tan and Tarmac)
CANDY (D Pullein-Thompson - The Ponyseekers trilogy)
GOLDIE (Gillian Baxter - Bargain Horses)
MAGIC & MOONSHINE (Gillian Baxter - Pantomime Ponies series)
SILVER BRUMBIES (Elyne Mitchell - Silver Brumby series) (Alternatively palomino)
TAFFY (Monica Dickens - Cobbler's Dream)

BARNEY (Samantha Alexander - Riders series)
BLUEBERRY (Helga Sandburg - Blueberry, Gingerbread)
BEE (Peter Zachary Cohen - Bee)
CRUSOE (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - The Horse Sale)
DARK SUNSHINE (Dorothy Lyons - Dark Sunshine)
GUIZER (Pat Leitch - Jinny series)
GYPSY (Judith Berrisford - A Pony in the Family)
HAROLD (Pat Leitch - Cross Country Pony)
JUBILEE (Christine Pullein-Thompson - Pony Patrol and the Mystery Horse)
LAPWING (Christine Pullein-Thompson - Ponies in the Blizzard, Ponies in the Forest)
McSPORRAN (Pat Leitch - Jinny series)
MARLA (Joanna Cannan - I Wrote a Pony Book)
MINOS (Gillian Baxter - The Perfect Horse)
MUSTARD (Gillian Baxter - Tan and Tarmac)
NAPOLEON (D Pullein-Thompson - Black Princess)
OCTOBER (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - Plenty of Ponies)
PETE (Priscilla Willis - Jory and the Buckskin Jumper)
PIPPIN (Joanna Cannan - Gaze at the Moon)
RAINBOW (Christine Pullein-Thompson - Pony Patrol series)
JUBILEE (Christine Pullein-Thompson - Pony Patrol & Mystery Horse)
PINCUSHION (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - Racehorse Holiday)
SAFFRON (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - Woodbury Pony Club series)
SANDPIPER (Gillian Baxter - Bobby & Shelta series)
SANDPIPER (Christine Pullein-Thompson - Ponies in the Park, Ponies in the Blizzard)
SANDY (D Pullein-Thompson - I Wanted a Pony)
SUNNY (Eleanor Jones -  Fears and Phantoms)
TANIA (Wendy Douthwaite - The Orange Pony)
TOM TIT / NOBBY (Christine Pullein-Thompson - For Want of a Saddle)
TRUSTY (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - Black Swift)

ADONIS (J Pullein-Thompson - Prince Among Ponies)
AIRFROST (Joanna Cannan - Gaze at the Moon)
BLUE SMOKE (Ruby Ferguson - Jill series)
BOXER - (Christine Pullein-Thompson - Pony Patrol series)
CARMELITE (Joanna Cannan - More Ponies for Jean)
CASCADE (Monica Edwards - Romney Marsh series)
CASPAR (Christine Pullein-Thompson - Ponies in the Park series)
CHARITY (Joanna Cannan - Jean series)
CLAUD (Primrose Cumming - The Deep Sea Horse)
CLEO (Christine Pullein-Thompson - I Rode a Winner)
CLOUD (Joyce Stranger - Breed of Giants)
COBWEB (Elinore Havers - The Great Pony Mystery)
DAPPLE (Cornelia Meigs - The Dutch Colt)
DAYBREAK (D Pullein-Thompson - I Wanted a Pony)
DAYDREAM (J Pullein-Thompson - I Had Two Ponies)
DAYSTAR (Christine Pullein-Thompson - Hounds series)
DIABLO BLANCO (Thomas Fall - Wild Boy)
DOBBIN (Christine Pullein-Thompson - The Open Gate)
DUCHESS (Moyra Charlton - Tally Ho)
DUSTY (Christine Pullein-Thompson - Hounds series)
EASTER (Pat Leitch - The Magic Pony)
FANTASY (Christine Pullein-Thompson - The Impossible Horse)
FANTASY (Christine Pullein-Thompson - They Rode to Victory)
FIESTA (J Pullein-Thompson - A Job With Horses)
FALLA (Denise Hill - A Pony for Two)
GREYBOY (Hilda Boden - Little Grey Pony)
GREY DAWN (J Pullein-Thompson - Six Ponies)
GREY EAGLE (Isabel McLennan McMeekin - Ban-Joe and Grey Eagle)
GREYLIGHT (Anne Bosworth Greene - Greylight series)
GULL (Patsey Gray - Double Standards)
JONJO (J Pullein-Thompson - The No Good Pony)
LADY SUFFOLK (John T Foster - The Gallant Gray Filly)
MILLY (K M Peyton - Fly by Night)
MIMOSA (D Pullein-Thompson - Ponies in the Valley)
MISTY (Judith Berrisford - Jackie series)
MONA (Allen Seaby - Mona the Welsh Pony)
OLYMPIC (Patsey Gray - Horsepower)
PHANTOM (Terri Farley - Phamton stallion series)
PERDITA (Patricia Leitch - A Dream of Fair Horses)
PUNCH (Patricia Leitch - Jinny series)
SABRE (K M Peyton - Sabre the Horse From the Sea)
SONNET (J Pullein-Thompson Noel and Henry series)
SECRET (J Pullein-Thompson - Show Jumping Secret)
SERAPHINE (Ruby Ferguson - Jill series)
SILVER (Primrose Cumming - Silver Snaffles)
SILVER EAGLE (Primrose Cumming - Silver Eagle series)
SNOWFLAKE (Suzanne Weyn & Kristin Earhart - Snowflake)
SNOWMAN (Christine Pullein-Thompson - A Pony in Distress)
SPUNKY (Berta & Elmer Hader - Spunky)
SULA (Monica Edwards - Punchbowl Farm series)
SUNDAY (Patricia Beatty - I Want my Sunday)
THE BLIZZARD (Caroline Akrill - The Silver Bridle)
THUNDERHEAD (Mary O'Hara - Thunderhead, Green Grass of Wyoming)
TROMBONE  (C Pullein-Thompson - The Empty Field)
TWILIGHT (Pullein-Thompsons - It Began with Picotee)
WHITE CREST (Rene Guillot - The Wild White Stallion)
WHITECAP (Jocelyn Arundel - Whitecap's Song)
WILLOW (Pat Leitch - Kestrels series)
WOODPIGEON (K M Peyton - Flambards)

AMIGO (Page Cooper - Amigo. Circus Horse
BUTTERFLY (Thurley Fowler - A Horse Called Butterfly)
CHICA D'ORO (Ann Sheldon - Linda Craig series)
DANDELION (Stephen Meader - Wild Pony Island)
DARIUS (H M Peel - Gay Darius)
FENELLA (Sam Alexander - Hollywell Stables Flying Start)
FLICKA (Mary O'Hara - My Friend Flicka)
GOLDEN BOY (Rutherford G. Montgomery - The Golden Stallion series)
GOLDEN CLOUD (Mary May - Piebald is Lucky)
GOLDEN CLOUD (Leland Silliman - Golden Cloud series)
GOLDEN RIPPLE (Elinore Havers - The Merry March Ponies)
GOLDIE (B Holland Heck - Golden Arrow)
GOLDFLASH (Rex Dixon - Pocomoto series)
HONEY BOY (Mary Gervaise - The Secret of Pony Pass)
HOPSCOTCH (Barbara Holland - The Pony Problem)
JASON (Judith Berrisford - Pippa's Mystery Horse)
JOKER (Genevieve Torrey Eames - A Horse to Remember
JIM (B Holland Heck - Cactus Kevin)
LA DORADA (Fairfax Downey - The Shining Filly)
MAGIC (William Corbin - The Golden Mare)
MIMOSA (D Pullein-Thompson - Horses in the Valley, etc)
MR CRUMB (Sylvia Green - The Christmas Colt)
NUTMEG (Maggie Dana - The Golden Horse of Willow Farm)
ORBIT (William Corbin - Horse in the House)
PIRATE (Harlan Thompson - Outcast, Stallion of Hawaii)
PHANTOM (C Pullein-Thompson - Phantom Horse series)
SEA-BLOND (Marion Coates & Gillian Hirst/Baxter - Sue-Elaine Draws a Horse)
SILVER BRUMBIES (Alternative colour in Elyne Mitchell's books)
STAR (Katherine Wigmore Eyre - Star in the Willows)
SUNDANCE (C Pullein-Thompson - Sundance Saves the Day)
SUN GOD (Lynn Hall - Ride a Wild Dream)
SUNFLASH (Rex Dixon - Pocomoto series)
TIZZ (Eliza Bialk - Tizz series)

AMBROSE (J Pullein-Thompson - The No Good Pony)
BADGER (K. M. Peyton - Poor Badger)
BLACKBOY aka DANNY BOY (Alternative colour in Ruby Ferguson - Jill series)
CHESS (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - Woodbury Pony Club series)
CHESS (Christine Pullein-Thompson - Black Pony Inn series)
CHOC BLOC (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - Radney Riding Club)
EASTER (H M Peel - Easter the Showjumper)
HILDEBRANDE (John Thorburn - Hildebrande)
JIGSAW (Jessie Haas - Jigsaw Pony)
PATCH (May Wynne - Patch the Piebald)
PATCHWORK (Christine Pullein-Thompson - Pony Dopers, Empty Field, Open Gate)
PILOT (H M Peel - Pilot the Hunter, Pilot the Chaser)
SHELTIE (Allen Seaby - Sheltie the Shetland Pony)
PEPPERMINT (Christine Pullein-Thompson - Phantom Horse Goes to Ireland )
TAMZIN (Pat Leitch - Janet, Young Rider/A Horse for the Holidays)
TREBLE ACE (Gillian Baxter - Tan and Tarmac)
THE JOKER (Eleanor Helme - The Joker and Jerry/Again)
THE PIE (Enid Bagnold - National Velvet)
WATER WAGTAIL (Jane de Bargue Hubert - Water Wagtail)
WHISKY (Christine Pullein-Thompson - The Horse Sale)

ADOLPHUS (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - I Had Two Ponies)
CRAB (K M Peyton - Crab the Roan)
BERRY - (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - Wood bury Pony Club series)
BLUE SMOKE (Elinore Havers - Dream Pony)
CEDAR (Stephen Meader - Red Horse Hill)
CORONATION (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - Pony Patrol & Mystery Horse)
DREAMCATCHER (Pamela Kavanagh - Dreamcatcher
FIREBIRD (Selma Hudnut - The Redhead and the Roan)
FLY-BY-NIGHT (K M Peyton - Fly-by-night, The Team)
GOONDA (Elyne Mitchell - Silver Brumby series)
MERMAID (Christine Pullein-Thompson - Phantom Horse series)
MOHAWK (Joan Houston - Crofton Meadows)
MULBERRY (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - Pony Patrol series)
NORTHWIND (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - Noel and Henry series)
PINK FROTH (Gillian Baxter - Bobby & Shelta series)
PIXIE (Primrose Cumming - The Wednesday Pony)
RED MORNING (Joanna Cannan - More Ponies For Jean
REDDY (Joseph Wharton Lippincott - The Red Roan Pony)
ROANY (Reginald Ottley - Yamboorah series)
SMOKY (Will James - Smoky)
SOUTHERN CROSS (Catherine Carey - Pink Pony)
STARSHINE (Judith Berrisford - Jackie's Showjumping Surprise)
SWEETBRIAR (K M Peyton - Flambards)
STRAWBERRY (Patsey Gray - Doggone Roan)
TATTU - (Sylvia Scott-White - Ten Week Stables)
TARQUIN (Pat Leitch - Kestrels series)
TITBITS (C Pullein-Thompson - The Horse Sale
TURPIN (Josephine Pullein-Thompson - Six Ponies)

CLOWN (D Pullein-Thompson - A pony to School)
COLORADO (Sam Alexander - Hollywell Stables series)
DAISY (C W Anderson - A Pony for Linda)
DANNY (Gunnel Linde - A Pony in the Luggage)
DAUNTLESS (J Pullein-Thompson - The Trick Jumpers)
HARLEY (Dorothy Lyons - Harlequin Hullabaloo)
JIGSAW (J Pullein-Thompson - Woodbury Pony Club series)
JIGSAW (C Pullein-Thompson - Sundance Saves the Day)
MOKEY (Jean Slaughter Doty - Summer Pony, Winter Pony)
PATCH (Judith Berrisford - Jackie series)
PIPPEN (Pat Leitch - Jinny series)
PUNCHINELLO (Catherine Harris - They Rescued a Pony)
ROMANY (J Pullein-Thompson - Six Ponies)
SPOTTY (Patsey Gray - Diving Horse)
TIDDLYWINKS (D Pullein-Thompson - Ponies in Peril)
SKEWBALD (Allen Seaby - Skewbald the New Forest Pony)
WARRIOR (Marjorie Reynolds - Sire Unknown)

BLUE (Annie Wedekind - Wild Blue)
CHIEF (Patsey Gray - Heads Up)
COMET (Judith Berrisford - Pippa's Mystery series)
DAKOTAROO (Krista Michelle Breen - Dakotaroo series)
DRAGON (Lynn Hall - Dragon series)
FRANCES (C Pullein-Thompson - Phantom Horse series)
FRECKLES (Valerie Beales - Emma and Freckles)
HUA MA (Cecilia Knowles - Hua Ma the Flower Pony)
MEASLES (Sally Fielding - Kate and the Mystery Pony)
OLD APPLESAUCE (Henry V. Larom - Ride Like an Indian!)
RUFF (Elizabeth Van Steewyk - The Secret of the Spotted Horse)
SPOTTY (Jane Ayres - The Great Horse Rescue)